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Psychedelic Medicine

A comprehensive overview of current challenges and unmet needs in mental health conditions, budding clinical and health economic research in psychedelic therapy, and Field Trip Health’s approach to psychedelic-assisted therapy.

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The field of psychedelic medicine is a decades old, re-emerging field of research and clinical practice that has gained significant and increasing attention over the past few years – in large part due to the growing burden of mental illness, the lack of innovation in other treatment modalities, and the staggering results of psychedelic-assisted therapies seen thus far.

The Psychedelic Medicine whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of this emerging field, including the current challenges in mental health treatments, the socioeconomic impact of treatment-resistant conditions, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, research into other psychedelic substances, evolving local and federal policy, as well as Field Trip Health’s approach to psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Download your copy for a detailed and research-backed look at the field of psychedelic medicine today, and for a glimpse into the future of mental healthcare.

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