Unlock your ability to heal.

Leverage the power of psychedelic therapy to help you find - and hold onto - the hope, healing, and happiness you deserve.

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Accelerate your healing.

Our immersive in-person Ketamine Assisted Therapy program is the fastest track to help you reach deep breakthroughs and heal the root of your pain.

Psychotherapy & Counselling

Experience therapy in a new way.

A non-ordinary approach to therapy that goes beyond just talking by combining modern therapeutic styles with wellness tools to help you heal your mind, body, and spirit.

Pain Management

Ketamine transforms pain management, surpassing traditional methods by modulating your brain's pain perception. Personalised to your needs, it not only reduces the intensity and frequency of pain events but also provides a unique path to regain control and find relief.


FDA-approved treatment for depression.

Biological treatment for depression that’s rooted in brain science. Shown to provide relief for symptoms of major depression disorder through magnetic pulses that regulate activity in the prefrontal cortex.


Learn from leaders in the field.

Join host, Ronan Levy, as he explores the world of psychedelics, in conversation with special guests like Michael Pollan.