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Our app is your map for exploring your mind and discovering new perspectives, through education, meditation, music, journey tracking, and community groups.


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Practice daily with exclusive music & meditations.

Immersive audio helps you make space in your day to connect with your inner self, no matter the mood or moment. Our app gives you access intentionally-curated content, by popular artists and qualified guides.

Build your foundation.

We set you up for a successful journey with the structure and tools to help you grow. The app is designed to answer all of your questions, help you prioritize wellness, and expand your knowledge of the psychedelic experience

Feel supported on your journey.

We offer a safe and connective space for people to share knowledge, ask questions, meet like-minded people, and learn together through our community groups.

Track your progress.

Watch your wellness grow with daily mood tracking and trip tools, like intention setting, voice recording, and insight logging.

Find more wonder, joy, & fulfillment.

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