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Ketamine Treatments for Severe Anxiety Disorders

March 11, 2022

Can Ketamine Assisted Therapy Help Treat My Anxiety?

In the early 2 century, researchers discovered that, when administered at a low dose in a controlled setting, Ketamine has rapid and powerful anxiolytic properties that can safely and effectively reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. In fact, recent studies have suggested that Ketamine treatment may demonstrate greater efficacy and more rapid onset of symptom relief than traditional therapies for anxiety, and can be especially effective where other treatments have failed. Furthermore, research has shown that the anti-anxiety properties of Ketamine treatment can be made stronger and longer lasting when Ketamine treatment is combined with psychotherapy, which may lead to better overall therapeutic outcomes. Ketamine treatment has been shown to reduce feelings of fear and panic in both the short-term and long-term without affecting the ability to perform day-to-day tasks and has fewer and safer side effects than traditional anti-anxiety therapies. Unlike traditional therapies, Ketamine assisted therapy works toward both short-term relief of anxiety and long-term rebalancing of brain function to help people living with anxiety find significant and sustained relief from their symptoms while learning to live fuller, brighter lives.

Why Choose Ketamine Assisted Therapy for Anxiety?

Traditional first-line therapies for treatment of anxiety such as SSRIs and benzodiazepines focus on short-term relief rather than long-term healing and risk significant side effects that can make your anxiety more difficult to live with in the long run. Ketamine assisted therapy works differently by altering the brain’s response to the triggers of anxiety and rewiring the way the brain thinks about stressors, which can help people living with anxiety develop a healthier approach to panic, fear, and intrusive thoughts. Especially when combined with psychotherapy, Ketamine treatment can provide both short-term relief from the physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety as well as sustained rebalanced brain function.

  • Minimal side effects: Both preclinical studies and clinical studies have shown that Ketamine therapy typically avoids the side effects of traditional anti-anxiety therapies such as benzodiazepines and SSRIs while eliciting a significantly greater reduction in symptoms of anxiety.
  • Long-term healing: Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy can bring lifelong positive changes after just a few sessions. In fact, preclinical studies have suggested significant positive long-term effects from just a few Ketamine therapy sessions, including improved cognitive flexibility, memory, and neurochemical balance. Ketamine is not a medication that you take every day, but an experience that can change the way you think. We aim to provide significant and sustained relief rather than a quick pharmaceutical fix.
  • Rapid relief: Ketamine often shows antidepressant effects within a matter of hours, and the benefits are long-lasting. A recent randomized control trial found that a single ketamine infusion significantly reduced symptoms 24 hours after infusion, and these effects were still present at the end of the trial two weeks later.

How Does Ketamine Assisted Therapy Work to Treat Anxiety?

Traditional treatments for depression and anxiety target symptoms rather than root causes, and often work by numbing our emotions about our problems rather than helping us to solve them. This method of “putting a bandage on the problem” may provide some short-term relief, but rarely leads to long-term healing. Ketamine works differently by strengthening connections between brain regions and fostering the growth of neurons, which can rewire the way the brain communicates with itself and can transform your response to anxious thoughts. 

We know that treatment with Ketamine can be a safe and effective treatment option for people living with anxiety, and recent studies have shown that the properties of Ketamine that enhance neural plasticity and foster healthier communication between brain regions may lead to greater receptivity to engagement in psychotherapy, which may lead to better overall therapeutic outcomes. At Field Trip Health, Ketamine assisted therapy combines a Ketamine dosing plan developed and supervised by trained medical professionals with a psychotherapy program led by experienced therapists. The average Field Trip program includes three stages: introduction, pre-treatment psychotherapy, and intention setting; Ketamine therapy sessions; and integration therapy. This combination of psychedelic neural rebalance with psychotherapy allows people living with anxiety to confront the sources of anxiety in a safe, controlled environment and to do the important work of mental healing with an expert trained to guide you through the challenges of facing your fears and building a self ready to face the future with confidence.

Is Ketamine Therapy Safe for Treating People with Anxiety?

When used in a supervised setting at appropriate doses, Ketamine therapy is safer and more effective than many traditional treatments for anxiety. You can be confident that your Ketamine journey will be optimized with the support and guidance of our fully trained health professionals. Our health centers are designed to offer you a feeling of safety and comfort, and we have medical protocols in place to ensure your safety throughout your experience with us.

To maximize the benefits and reduce the risks of Ketamine assisted therapy, it is important that your journey takes place in a safe, controlled setting guided by trained experts committed to ensuring your health and comfort. Field Trip Health providers are professionally trained and licensed medical practitioners including experienced physicians and psychiatrists, registered psychotherapists, and licensed nurse practitioners, and your therapy will take place in a health center designed specifically to optimize your therapeutic experience.

How Do I Start Ketamine-Assisted Therapy for My Anxiety?

Ultimately, it all starts with you. Our treatment programs are designed to help you harness your own ability to heal. This may be difficult because of past experiences or learned patterns, so our team is here to support and guide you, with the medicine as the catalyst that allows you to open yourself and access healing. We believe in empowering you as the agent of healing in your life, and that is exactly what will happen on your therapeutic journey.

Does Field Trip Health have a ketamine therapy clinic near me?

Field Trip Health has clinics throughout the US and Canada. If you are ready to begin your journey towards a better, personalized treatment plan that’s best for your well-being then Give us a call to learn more:

  • 1-888-519-6016 (USA)
  • 1-833-222-0084 (Canada) 

Or schedule an appointment time online that’s best for you and our team will reach out to you.