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Corey's Story: I Have the Energy and Permission to Start Again

When I first started exploring the idea of psychedelics in a therapy setting, I wasn’t 100 percent sure it was for me. I’d been involved with Spartan Wellness, a program that helps vets access medical cannabis, and the documentary Fantastic Fungi inspired me on Netflix. After hearing other patients rave about their success with ketamine-assisted therapy at Field Trip Health, I had nowhere near those expectations for myself. Still, I wanted a paradigm shift, and I was ready to trust the process if it would help me. So I decided to try.

Fast forward to today, and I would gladly wear a sandwich board promoting Field Trip if it helps even one person with their mental health journey the way it has helped mine. I experienced such an incredible journey, and I want that information out there for others.

You see, for years, I’d experienced severe PTSD and generalized anxiety disorder, and although I tried a lot of modalities and techniques in the past, nothing was quite working. Then, while I was waiting for my treatment with Field Trip, a friend I made music with lost his life to an overdose, making music challenging to approach.

Eventually, I was ready to begin my journey with Field Trip. My partner Mads and I traveled 4 hours from home and stayed close to the clinic. We stayed in a hotel for four weeks, and it was a beautiful, 15-minute walk up the seawall to the clinic. During the intake portion of the therapy, I set intentions that included defragmentation of indoctrinated skills (like hyper-vigilance and scanning for threats) I’d acquired from my time in the military.

Once I got to the actual ketamine therapies, I was thankful for the tablet because I’m not a fan of needles. I’d describe the ketamine experience itself as a full-blown cinematic experience. It’s difficult to explain with words but includes a lot of motion and majestic feelings of comfort and relaxation.

The whole experience was very empowering. The staff took me seriously, and everyone was so trauma-informed. I’ve had so many people try to help before, but Field Trip Health is genuinely ready to help. There was a warm hug from the staff each time, but they also allowed me to listen to my inner healer. Overall, I did six ketamine sessions plus eight integration sessions, all of which ended at the beginning of March.

Since then, I feel as though I have the energy and permission to start again. When I look back at the friend I’ve lost, I can celebrate his life through my own. After five years together, my relationship with Mads has entered a reintroduction period, where we’re getting to know each other again. Even my relationship with my service dog, Trevor, has changed because my symptomology is different.

These days I can work out again, something I hadn’t been able to do after losing a good friend who was an athlete. I also have a better mental health vocabulary and overall knowledge, which helps me address and communicate my feelings. Historically I would have worried about sharing my story with the world, but now I feel energized, and motivated, and proud.

To be that antenna of radiance makes me feel excited and cautiously good. For the first time in a long time, I feel reacquainted with art and music, and I’m excited to play for people and see them smiling again. I am still navigating, but I also have an overwhelming sense that everything will be all good. And when it’s not? Well, it’s okay to stumble, too.

It’s like I’m the same old metal, but now I’ve been forged into a new form—one that’s stronger but also knows the warning signs to look for when I need support in the future. I feel my best when I am strong, and I have to say this has been one of the most empowering journeys of my life.


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