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Kenny Stills: Finding Freedom Through Psychedelic Therapy

September 13, 2022

Even after achieving his dream of becoming a Pro Football player in the NFL, Kenny Stills was feeling empty and looking for meaning. His past traumas were impacting his daily life, how he was treating others, and the way he thought about the world.

Kenny came to Field Trip for mental health treatment, so he could work with psychedelics (specifically Ketamine) in a comfortable and safe environment, with the support of an experienced therapist. By combining psychedelics with psychotherapy, Kenny was able to connect more with others, open up and tackle his mental wellbeing with intention.

“To be able to break those types of thoughts and patterns in the brain has made my life a lot more smooth and joyful…I feel like this experience gives me confidence in being able to tell people that this is something that I think they could possibly use to help themselves.” — Kenny Stills

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