#66 Joe Patitucci Explains Plant Music & Connecting With Nature Through Sound

November 22, 2022

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Getting in touch with our senses is one of the most enjoyable aspects of psychedelic experiences.

The synesthesia they produce reminds us of how much more texture, color, and life there is to our lives than we ordinarily accept. Is there a way to reclaim these lost intuitions and unlock new levels of joy and happiness?

Joe Patitucci is an artist, CEO of Data Garden, and inventor of PlantWave, a device that translates real-time data from living plants into music, creating harmonious sound environments powered by nature.

Today, Joe joins Ronan to discuss how he combines nature and the use of emerging technologies to extend human perception into subtle realms of reality. Tune in to find out more!

Joe also shares his views on plant consciousness, his experiences with psychedelics, the future of biofeedback, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Joe Patitucci explains plant music and biofeedback (00:00)
  • What perceptions have we lost over time? (02:08)
  • How to avoid becoming numb to today’s constant state of emergency (08:44)
  • Where did the idea of plant consciousness come from? (23:14)
  • How to get plants to respond to the sounds you make (38:26)
  • What was it like working with plants in the beginning? (57:54)
  • The power of love and the power of physical affection (1:04:59)
  • What’s the future of biofeedback? (1:11:13)

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